Debating in English- new online course

4. 11. 2020

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Dear students,
our Language Centre would like to cordially invite you to enroll in our new
course Debating in English,
It will take place online, there will be 8 sessions on Thursdays, at 2-3.40 pm
and it will be co-taught by our teachers, Colin Kimbrell and Dita Trčková. Pls
contact Dr. Trčková if you are interested and/or would like to participate by email

Short anotation:
The course develops one of the key skills in an internationalized academic
environment - debating in English. The aims of the course are for students to
learn how to build clear, effective and evidenced argumentation, to get to know
main tools of persuasion and to develop their negotiation skills. The emphasis
is placed on the development of students' analytical and critical thinking
within discussions on a wide range of topics on current social events,
including multiculturalism and intercultural competences.

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