Language courses from the CJV

Our vision for language learning does not take the form of other content-delivery lectures that students may experience in their other courses at the University; thus, language instructors will not lecture on the theory of language learning for the full duration of each seminar. Our language instructors conversely act as facilitators for skills practice and development for students, as it is ultimately these methods that will allow students to cultivate their language skills.

The courses offered through the Masaryk University Language Center begin at the B1 level of proficiency on the CEFR scale for the Bachelor level, and they are designed to facilitate language-learning environments wherein students may both improve and practice their target language skills. The time allotted for each weekly seminar is not designed to focus on teaching new grammar or new vocabulary; rather, the time spent in class should be dedicated to active practice among peers and with instructors. Students are expected to complete weekly homework assignments to allow opportunities for practicing previously-learned grammar and vocabulary, as well as learning new, advanced grammar and vocabulary aimed at the achievement of a higher CEFR standard of language comprehension. Simply attending lectures, and especially attending lectures without home preparation, will not be enough for students to achieve any significant improvement in their target language course. Students' motivation and dedication to improve will determine how beneficial the course will be throughout the semester.


Language Centre at the Faculty of Social Studies
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